Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worsening debt crisis, INDONESIA's EXPORTS to Europe will stagnate


Ministry of Industry worrying the European Union financial problems will affect the Indonesia export to Europe. Because, Greece's debt problems spread to other countries in Europe which has the potential to expand the region's financial crisis.

"For me Europe is not too optimistic. Especially if you look at the debt structure of large countries," said Director General of International Cooperation Ministry of Industry Industry, Agus Tjahayana.

According to him, Greece's debt problems will be difficult to prolonged unresolved because the three countries, namely Germany, France, and Britain is expected to help bail out Greece's debt was in trouble. In fact, Germany was difficult to expand its export market as China slammed aggression. "The possibility of its condition deteriorated," he said.

In fact, Indonesia's exports to the EU during the period 2007-2010 recorded an average increase of 9%. That number exceeds the import of industrial products from Europe which reached 8%. In 2010 Indonesia's trade balance with the EU surplus of U.S. $ 4.5 billion.

The amount was donated processed coconut or palm oil with a market share of 20%, textiles and textile products 14.5%, electronics 10.5%, 10.5% of processed rubber, and footwear or shoes 8%.

In fact, certain products have increased sharply as exports of other chemical products rose 147%, 59.4% of other commodities, cigarettes rose by 28.7%, and sports equipment 26.5%.

Unfortunately, the market penetration of industrial products to the EU is still relatively low with an average of about 0.5%. It is actually according to Agus could be an opportunity to expand market share of Indonesian exports. However, the region's financial condition would likely delay the planned expansion of Indonesia's exports.

"It is possible that down then the condition will remain stagnant because Europe needs these commodities," he said.

As with the financial problems the United States. According to Agus, the condition of the country was not too worried because the position of United States economic growth which is growing despite the crisis.

Country's internal political problems that make the financial problems the United States as unresolved. However, he believes, the country will find the solution of the problem.

As a result, most likely the United States - Indonesia trade will be stagnant for some time. Even if rising then the condition is a result of the appreciation of the yuan currency, the rupiah (IDR), Singapore dollar, ringgit, baht and peso. "The effect would be all for all countries for the same commodity," he said.

Indonesia Trade Minister Marie Elka Pangestu also ever mentioned her concern at the condition of the European Union's financial problems. "Compared to the United States, we are more worried about conditions in Europe," she said.

To maintain the level of Indonesia exports due to the decline in market share in both areas, Marie expressed, should be done by enhancing competitiveness, increasing diversification of export markets, and minimize the high cost.