Tuesday, August 30, 2011

APL operates KODAK Cold Room Facility In India


APL Logistics has started running Kodak's Central Distribution Center in Mumbai, India. This houses a newly installed cold room facility for temperature-sensitive products.

APL Logistics converted a bare room into the 38,000-square feet high-tech facility after winning the contract to design, build and operate Kodak's new distribution center supplying to the domestic Indian market. Products being stored and disseminated out of this facility include digital cameras, photographic papers, motion picture films, digital printing plates and plate setting equipment, as well as chemicals.

"We're pleased to have delivered well against Kodak's stringent requirements," said Siddharth Adya, APL Logistics managing director for South Asia. "This demonstrates our capability in engineering as well as excellence in implementation."

Designed by APL Logistics solution engineering experts, the facility is unique because it has three different cold rooms of varying temperatures: ambient, 13 degrees and 21 degrees Celsius. To ensure that the facility runs at an optimal operational efficiency, the team has worked advanced cooling technologies and thermodynamics principles into its design. Kodak also required APL Logistics to migrate the operations from a former premise to the new one without disrupting its supply chain activities.

For a seamless data interface, APL Logistics has integrated its proprietary Warehouse Management System with Kodak's SAP system. This gives Kodak greater visibility over its inventory and greatly improved its accuracy in decisions.

Kodak India was established in 1913. Today, it is a leader in imaging, offering digital products and services for commercial and consumer use.

source: logasiamag.com