Monday, August 29, 2011

LAO Airlines buy two Airbus A320


Lao Airlines, the national airline from Laos, signed a contract with Airbus Industry to purchase two A320 aircraft types.

Lao Airlines will fly the A320 to connect Vientiane with a number of major destination countries in Southeast Asia, including Jakarta.

Somphone Douangdara, President of Lao Airlines, said the A320 will have a layout for the two classes of passengers with a capacity of 126 passengers in main cabin.

In addition, said Somphone, Business class will be able to accommodate16 passengers. "With the A320, Lao Airlines will introduce a higher level of premium service as we expand our international route network," he said. According Somphone, Lao Airlines will be acquiring passenger comfort guarantee to fly. Moreover, he added, Lao Airlines will also get the benefits of low operating costs of modern A320 aircraft and saving fuel.

John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer responded positively to the presence of Lao Airlines as a new Airbus customer. "With these reservations, Lao Airlines joined other global customers, the owners of the best-selling line of single-aisle aircraft in the airline industry," he said.

A320 aircraft, according to John, preferred by passengers because of the general operational costs are relatively low. John added a series of A320 Family aircraft have been recognized as the benchmark single-aisle aircraft quality.

"Almost 7,80 of Airbus A320 Family aircraft have been sold and more than 4.700 aircraft had been delivered to more than 330 airlines and airline operators around the world. This is a series of best-selling single-aisle aircraft in the world, "he concluded.