Monday, March 23, 2009

Nike keep order the shoes from Indonesia

Nike Shoes

One of the famous shoe manufacturer, Nike, states will not change their investment in Indonesia, and can still hope to develop business in Indonesia.

"Nike will close their four manufacturer, but none of these factories in Indonesia," said Minister of Industry, Fahmi Idris, in Jakarta on Friday (20 / 3). He received a message from representatives of Nike in Indonesia, John Richard, that states will not close their manufacturer in Indonesia.

Nike representatives in Indonesia was already said will reduce production in 2009, in the period 6 to 12 months. "U.S. as origin of Nike still see Indonesia is more secure place to invest and a business climate conducive," he said. Nike says it will stop the order from the manufacturer in four countries. "Indonesia situation considered most conducive compared with other countries," Fahmi Idris said.

So, plan termination order by Nike will not give a bad impact for Indonesia even have the possibility of adding order obtained by Nike factory in Indonesia. Termination orders for 4 Nike factories caused by decreasing shoes order around 20% from the world market. So far Nike has factories in several countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

National shoe production 1.2 billion pairs and shoes for the sport as much as 800 million and 60% supply by Nike. The national consumption of footwear 235 million pairs, which comes from 40%, or 94 million pairs and the remaining 60% (141 million pairs) came from imports.

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