Monday, March 2, 2009

Manufacturing and agricultural export drop up to 70%

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The global crisis had impact the Indonesia export of manufacturing and agricultural products which descend rapidly to 70%. This occurred during the period of the last three months, since December 2008 until February 2009. Usually, the value of export manufacturing and agricultural products reached U.S. $ 9 billion to U.S. $ 11 billion per month. "But, now the value is decrease about 70%," said Secretary General of Association of Indonesian Exporters (GPEI) Toto Dirgantoro. The export performance decline sharply because buying power in a number of countries are weakening. Some of the country's most sluggish market is the United States, Europe and Japan.

The decling of export performance of manufacturing and agricultural products is very far from the average decline in Indonesian exports. In the last quarter 2008, total exports of Indonesia drop only 20%. This decline also influence the export activities i.e loading and unloading at the port. Many companies with main business of export services has consecutive closed. "The decline in exports will continue until the first quarter or first quarter of this year.

A lot of manufacturers products that fall in the export market. But, the most is the textiles and textile products (TPT) and footwear. Meanwhile, agricultural product is rubber and crude palm oil (CPO). In fact, if there is no crisis occurs, most of the exporters believe, this year the exports will grow 12% -14% compared to a year 2008 which reach 120 billion U.S.%.

The Association of Indonesia Textile (API) recognizes the export performance of the textile and product textile (TPT) began to wane. "But, the exact data would be available in May," said G. Ernovian Ismy, the API Secretary Executive.  So far, there are some companies that are still receiving TPT export orders to May 2009. "But, we are concerned after this May. The TPT producers do not get more orders," said Ernovian.