Wednesday, March 18, 2009

30 Percent of Indonesia Labor Textile threatened terminatted


Textile and product textile export market (TPT), which is still bleak due to the global financial crisis will force the textile industry perform termination of employment of its employees. Of about 1.2 million workers in the textile industry in Indonesia, about 30 percent of potentially terminatted in the next period of April to July, said Jadin Jamaludin C, Chairman of the Industrial Sector and Small and Medium Handycraft Indonesia Textile Association (API) Center, on Wednesday (18 / 3). According Jadin, the termination peak on textile industry will occur in the future in April.

"The government dot not care about textile industry. Where are the policies that alleviate our sincere? For any banking business, the loan interest rate is not revealed. Neighboring countries such as Malaysia is also have a crisis, but banks already lower the interest rates and government has roll on the subsidies. Here, the the interest even increased, "he said.

In fact, if the government and urged the bank intends lower interest rates and easy installments, is only the a small problem of textile industry. The biggest problem now is that the export destination countries tighten regulations on imported products. The tighten for example, that do not want to do activities that used to be done, such as product design and quality control activities. They are also as much as possible back in time to pay. This is a loss making textile industry, because one impack is late to give on the employees salary.

Create a more Jadin passionate, foreign countries is actually very dependent on Indonesia. Nearly 100 foreign textile and product textile brands sold in a shopping mall and shopping center is made in Indonesia. For example, Triumph, Lea, Levis, Hammer, Arrow, and Kenzo.  "So, Indonesia make and  labeled with famous brands, then export. After that, the export destination countries, send it back to Indonesia to buy by us. Indonesia is similar to sewer," said Jadin.

In other words, Indonesia has failed to market itself in their own domain. When the current government annouced to use the domestic products, even to issue a presidential instruction, Jadin mention that already late and just make him laugh. The government have always late to think and act.

The termination threat in the textile industry is now wide yawn and keep it going but no real action from the government. In Jogjakarta, the situation is the same. "From an 20,000-employment in the textile industry, 30 percent of threatened being terminatted," he said. Also mentioned, of Jogjakarta textile and product textile  is 1 percent of the total national figure. Textile industry, most or about 60 percent are in Bandung, West Java.

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