Friday, March 6, 2009

Rice export will not in big volume


For this year 2009, the government is not too confident to export rice in big volume. According to the plan, the government will only export around 100,000 tons.
"We will not too confident exporting in large amounts. As starting around 100.000 tons first, not exported in millions tons," said Minister of Agriculture Anton Apriyanto in the fifth World Islamic Economic Forum in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (3 March).
According to him, Indonesia has a region that is too broad and thus requires a solid stock of rice. "We will not be playing with this stock," he said.
Anton said, Indonesia should do the export of rice because of increased production will start in the third quarter and will reach its peak in the IV quarter.
"We also had achievement of exporting 50,000 tons in 2005, and hopefully will increase this year," he said.