Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MANDALA AIRLINES will focus on international routes


This year, Mandala Airlines will give priority to the opening of the international route rather than opening domestic routes. Currently, Mandala Airlines has been serving local route from Jakarta to Medan and international route Medan – Singapore. On Friday (4/5), Mandala open a new route from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur.

Commissioner of Mandala Airlines, Diono Nurjadin, revealing the opening of new international routes will take priority rather than the opening of domestic routes. This decision is due to competition on international routes for airlines low cost carrier is not too tight as well as in domestic flights. "If domestic is already congested, especially our competitors already have a number of planes a lot, while we had three planes," said Diono.

Another reason why more focus on opening the international routes duet to ticket sales promotion of Mandala Airlines is easier because have a partner with Tiger Airways as one of the shareholders of Mandala Airlines. Diono said with this synergy it is easier to do promotions in overseas passengers since Tiger Airways has been known in Asia. "So we will also use Tiger Airways to link the promotion of Mandala Airlines," he added.

With this strategy, is optimistic his side can continue to increase the number of Mandala Airlines passengers on two international routes and one domestic route. "So with theses three routes, the passenger occupancy target is 80% to 84%," he said.

Regarding the new route from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur is open from Friday, Mandala Airlines will serve with a frequency of 14 flights per week. Expansion about the opening of new routes, Diono explained, that Mandala Airlines will open up international routes provided that the distance of not less than four to five hours. For example, to Hong Kong or India. This year Mandala Airlines will bring 7 new Airbus A320 aircraft. While currently only three aircraft that have been operated.