Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GARUDA INDONESIA will fly to Italy in 2014


President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Emirsyah Satar said Garuda Indonesia is reviewing the opening of flight routes to Italy. If there is no obstacle, Garuda Indonesia plans to fly to Italy on 2014. "Route to Italy the most rapidly will be opened by 2014. There is only one choice, whether Rome or Milan," said Emirsyah.

Emirsyah said, for time being Garuda Indonesia route that have been opened to the European region only Amsterdam, The Netherlands. State-owned airline is still looking at the economic conditions of Europe to add a route to other countries. Garuda Indonesia plans to open a flight route to the five countries, namely the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, Italy and France.

Another consideration is the Garuda Indonesia is still awaiting the arrival of 10 Boeing 777 300 ER. The plan, said Emirsyah, the aircraft began to come next year. "There have been 10 order of Boeing 777 aircraft. Will be empowered to Europe and the Middle East. Direct flight," he added.

Determination of objectives between Rome or Milan will be based on market demand, the city where the most targeted people of Indonesia. "And we see, the Italians whether from Rome or Milan a lot to Indonesia," he continued.

So, he said, opening the route Garuda Indonesia to the number of European countries will not be directly opened simultaneously. The opening of the routethat is closest to London, England. "Not all, gradually. Italy is not the closest. Second is the UK, London town for sure," he added.

picture: google.com