Sunday, February 5, 2012

MANDALA AIRLINES’s AOC will issued in Feberuary 2012


Ministry of Transportion ensure the return of Mandala Airlines flight conditions ie Air Operator Certificate (AOC) will issued in the second week in February 2012 and the airline is re-aired in April 2012.

"The delivery of Mandala Airlines AOC [Air Operators Certificate] planned to be done in the second week in February and in April 2012 operating plan," said Head of Public Communication Ministry of Transportation, Bambang S.Ervan.

He added the airline even begin to bring its first flight on Sunday (29/1) type Airbus 320.

"Technically, Mandala Airlines meets the requirements. They plan to fly in April, the aviation business license (SIUP) already extended four months from January 2012 for the maintenance of the AOC is in the final stage, "said Bambang.

Previously Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation Ministry of Transportation, Diding Sunardi the reveals the process of issuing the Mandala Airlines AOC has entered the third stage or final stage, which is the middle of the process evaluation of the documents and related administrative procedures. That is, the time is not long, the AOC can be issued.

Separately, Director General of Civil Aviation Herry Bakti S. Gumay said the deadline for Mandala Airlines is still flying for granted an extension of up to four months post January 12, 2012.

"The extension of 4 months is still valid because the AOC was not finished," he said.

Herry add the AOC of Mandala Airlines is the third stage, so there are still two more stages. "If for the final process of AOC, should have the fifth stage," said Herry.

Devin Wirawan, Saratoga Capital Investment Managers, the majority shareholder of Mandala Airlines, it is ready to fly according to the deadlines set by the government. Mandala Airlines is now just waiting for the issuance of the AOC as a foundation to operate again.

About the readiness of the fleet, Devin said, Mandala Airlines will follow the provisions of the Act No.1 of 2009 on Aviation, which is 10 aircraft with five of them owned status. "It's two Airbus A320 to arrive in Indonesia as soon as AOC is published. If present in Indonesia there will be a parking fee, "he said.

The Mandala Airlines flight routes will not vary much with the previous route. Mandala Airlines had flown four domestic routes and 16 international routes, including Singapore. However, because the plane is still small, temporarily restricted Mandala Airlines will fly or not all the routes flown, the priority is to Singapore.