Monday, February 13, 2012

Lion Air plans to go public delayed


Lion Air to delay plans to go public this year worth more than U.S. $ 1 billion. Rusdi Kirana, chief executive officer (CEO), Lion Air said, the delay made due to the deteriorating condition of the stock market.

As info before, Lion Air has ambitious expansion plans to increase its flight business. Moreover, the Indonesia's airline company already has had a record of buying 200 Boeing aircraft.

"We can not do it (go public) this year because of the situation with the financial crisis is not so good," said CEO Rusdi Kirana. Rusdi said Lion Air currently has a market share of 51% of domestic flights and plans to go public when their market share reached 60%, something which was expected to occur two years into the future.

Rusdi Kirana ever mentioned, he does not need the IPO funds to pay for orders the plane. Some time ago, the airline is the world's attention, because the largest aircraft order valued at U.S. $ 21.7 billion.

Airbus blamed the United States (U.S.) to apply political pressure to secure an agreement to buy the aircraft. More details, Lion Air to buy 230 planes of shorter route, which purchase was signed in the presence of President Barack Obama.

Regarding the case of drug use by Lion Air, Rudi denied. "The rumors say, the pilots I worked too hard, so they use drink and drugs," said Rusdi. He also explained, "People make up stories to discredit us," he said. In addition to developing its business, Rusdi claims to have set up 1,000 homes for his airline's staff.

Rusdi Kirasna also criticized Europe that still apply black list to Lion Air. While Garuda Indonesia and five other airlines to get relief. "I do not care if the EU wants to blacklist Lion Air, Indonesia is a our market, and I want justice," said Rusdi.