Saturday, January 7, 2012

Semester II 2011, INDONESIA Airline On Time Performance Down


Having had time to improve in the first half of 2011, the Indonesia airlines On Time Performance (OTP) again deteriorated in the period from July to November 2011. From the provisional data collected by the Ministry of Transportation, five airlines with a market share of more than two percent, their OTP was down. Only OTP’s Batavia Air has increased.

Five airlines that dropped the On Time Performance are Garuda Indonesia Airline, Lion Air, Indonesia AirAsia, Merpati Airlines and Sriwijaya Air. Garuda Indonesia down from 86.22 percent in the first half to 82.51 percent. Lion Air fell from 70.16 percent to 62.72 percent. Indonesia AirAsia fell from 72.90 percent to 68.92 percent. Merpati Airlines down from 72.36 percent to 63.72 percent. Sriwijaya Air also fell from 76.17 percent to 62.31 percent. While Batavia Air rose from 70.53 percent to 73.95 percent.

While the average airline On Time Performance period from January to November 2011 are as follows: Garuda Indonesia 84.36 percent, Batavia Air 72.08 percent, Lion Air 66.78 percent, Indonesia AirAsia 71.09 percent, Merpati Airlines 68.43 percent and Sriwijaya Air 69 , 87 per cent.

According to the Acting Director of Air Transport Directorate of Civil Aviation, Joko Murjatmojo, the data is processed from the authorities and airport management reports and reports from the relevant airline. "Counting begins when the aircraft is driven toward to runway," said Joko. Joko also added that the delay under 15 minutes are not counted.

Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation, Herry Bakti set out four categories for the achievement of On Time Performance of the airlines. That is excellent category for OTP above 90 percent, the green category for 80-90 percent OTP, yellow category for 70-80 percent and red category for OTP below 70 percent.

Based on the above data, there is no airline that have excellent OTP category. Even the majority of the OTP are red categorized. Ministry of Transportation has been trying to foster the airline to improve its On Time Performance. Among the published Permenhub No. 77 of 2011 which was then updated with Permenhub No. 92 Year 2011 regarding Responsibility of Carrier Air Transport. In these rules, if the airline has been delayed more than 4 hours, are required to provide indemnity compensation valued at IDR 300,000 per passenger.

Ministry of Transportation has also ordered Lion Air to reduce the number of flights so as to improve its On Time Performance.