Friday, May 28, 2010

Batavia Air added 13 fleets

batavia air

Last eight months to realize the focus of a new flight route from Jakarta to Jeddah, do not make Batavia Air complacency. Now the national airline has been preparing the arrival of 13 planes to strengthen their coverage. "Since August 2009 we have prepared a new route from Jakarta to Jeddah, and it was already done. Now we will add 13 more aircraft," explained Director of Commerce Batavia Air Hasudungan Pandiangan on the sidelines of the Jeddah-Jakarta flights back.

Batavia Air flies to the maiden flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Sunday (23 / 5). With the same aircraft, the Airbus A330-200 with pilot Capt. Tony Santoso, flights back from Jeddah to Jakarta with a flight number 892 7P, Wednesday (26 / 5). According to Hasudungan, the plane that would strengthen the present fleet of Batavia Air consists of the types of Air Airbus A320 (five units), Airbus A330 (one unit), Boeing 737-400 (four units), and ATR72-500 (three units).

The number of aircraft that does not include the fleet for the hajj, if the government accepted the proposal Batavia Air. Batavia has been proposed to transport pilgrims this year at a price of U.S. $ 1,520 per person for the number of passengers reached 30 thousand pilgrims. "If the government accepted the proposal, we prepared two Boeing 777-300 aircraft and one Airbus A330-200," explained Hasudungan, which says it is ready to transport pilgrims according to the filing, which take off from Jakarta or other areas of the group flew like Surabaya, Medan (North Sumatera), or Makassar.

While the new route is aimed by Batavia Air is to Dili, Timor-Leste in June. Then to Bangkok, Thailand, and Hong Kong or Tokyo, Japan. The other overseas route target namely Perth, Australia which is expected next August. "For the local routes, our route increased to Merauke and Ternate," explained Hasudungan.

As informed by PR Manager of Batavia Air, Eddy Haryanto, Batavia Air currently operates over 170 flights every day with the goal to 39 cities in Indonesia. It is also the route to Guangzhou (China), Kuching (Malaysia), Singapore, and Jeddah. Batavia Air has 39 aircraft of various types, namely the Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, Airbus A319, A320, and A330. Latest route Jakarta-Jeddah-Jakarta scheduled every day. Meanwhile, the Jakarta-Jeddah-Riyadh flown twice a week every Monday and Tuesday