Saturday, January 14, 2012

Garuda Indonesia Targets 21% Growth in Revenue


PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk expects revenue to grow 21% in 2012 to Rp32, 8 trillion from the position last year Rp21, 7 billion (unaudited).

"Garuda Indonesia closed the year 2011 with earned income (unaudited) IDR 27, 1 trillion. Revenue increased 39% compared to the period of 2010 amounted to IDR 19, 5 billion. Increased revenues (unaudited) was successfully achieved through the expansion of the company's operations through the program "Quantum Leap" and through the company's efficiency programs as well as through the utilization of assets, "said Director of Garuda Indonesia Emirsyah Satar.

Satar added to achieve a target turnover in 2012, Garuda Indonesia prepares capital expenditures IDR 1, 43 trillion or an increase of 2010 amounted to IDR 906 billion. "Capital spending is outside the aircraft deposit payments," he said.

During 2011, Garuda Indonesia succeeded in carrying 17.1 million passengers, ie as many as 13.9 million domestic passenger, international passenger 3.2 million, an increase of 36.8% compared to 12.53 million passengers in 2010. Production capacity (availability seat kilometer / ASK) in 2011 also increased by 26% to 32.5 billion compared to 25.77 billion in 2010.

In addition, passenger yield increased by 12.4% to U.S. $ 0.0963 (9.63 U.S. cents) compared to 2010, which amounted to U.S. 8.6 cents. "International flights contributed 46% to the total turnover of the company, and this year an estimated 50%," he said.

In the period 2011, Garuda Indonesia also managed to increase its market share (market share) in the domestic market to 28.3%, an increase of 5% over the same period last year of 23.7%.

In industry, the domestic air passenger market in 2011 grew by 16%, but Garuda Indonesia passenger market increased significantly by 36%, higher than any other airline increased an average of 9%.

International passenger market grew 12% with Garuda Indonesia successfully grow 29.5% at 8% over other airlines. Finance Director Garuda Indonesia, Elisa Lumbantoruan said in 2012 it was budgeted to pay debt of U.S. $ 131 million, the debt position of U.S. $ 512 million at the end of 2011, up from U.S. $ 476 million because in 2011 there is a new loan of U.S. $ 50 million.