Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Indonesia AirAsia denies bankruptcy rumor

Audrey Progastama P, Manager of Corporate Communication of Indonesia AirAsia, confirms that Indonesia AirAsia is not in a position to go bankrupt. Although Jakarta - Surabaya and Jakarta – Medan route are closed as per October 1, 2010. "We want to clear the information that is now circulating in the community about Indonesia AirAsia," said Audrey, Tuesday (08/03/2010) in Jakarta.

Audrey asserted, the closure of two routes was linked with changes in business strategy of Indonesia AirAsia. "Our focus this year is on the development of international air routes, rather than domestic routes. Therefore, the aircraft which was originally used for the two routes were transferred to route Surabaya - Singapore, Surabaya - Bangkok, Surabaya - Kuala Lumpur, Medan-Singapore, Medan - Kuala Lumpur, and Medan-Hongkong/Macau, "said Audrey.

Audrey also said, is not true that the tickets were already booked is non-refundable. "Passengers who had bought tickets could refundable. However, it depends on the payment method used. If passengers use credit cards, so our costs have been incurred to return as well as through credit cards," he said. Meanwhile, if a passenger using a debit payment system, then the money is returned through the passenger bank account. Similarly, if passengers pay cash at one of the sales counter, the passenger will receive cash.

Passengers can also choose a refund in the form of a credit shell, that is, credit is added to the respective accounts AirAsia passengers. Furthermore, these funds can be used to purchase another AirAsia flight ticket.

Audrey added that Indonesia AirAsia's performance in the second quarter of 2010 was very positive. Its load factor reached 75 percent with the number of passengers as many as 947 786 people or an increase of 9.8 percent compared with same period last year.