Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Singapore Crosses One Billion Shipping Tonnage Mark Early

The Singapore maritime industry has crossed the one billion gross tons shipping tonnage mark way ahead than usual, judged against previous years. In terms of timescale, the mark was achieved four months ahead compared to four years ago when the shipping tonnage surpassed the billionth figure in December in 2004.

The vessel, which had the honor of crossing the one billion mark, was APL Australia, a container ship of 50,243 gross tons (GT). It arrived at the port on Aug 14 at 1025hrs.

Said Capt M Segar, Group Director (Hub Port), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, “Over the past few years, vessel arrivals in terms of shipping tonnage have registered double-digit increase. This new high in terms of timescale for the one billion breakthrough signals that 2008 may very well be another record breaking year for the Singapore port. All these achievements are possible because of the efforts put in by our port and maritime community in ensuring that Singapore port continues to add value and provide quality services to the global shipping community.”

In 2004, the billionth shipping tonnage record was achieved in the month of December. Subsequently, the billionth mark for 2005, 2006, and 2007 was achieved in November, October and September respectively. Vessel arrivals in terms of shipping tonnage have been increasing over the past few years: 1.042 billion GT in 2004, 1.152 billion GT in 2005, 1.315 billion GT in 2006, and 1.459 billion GT in 2007.

Logistics Insight Asia - Top Story, 25/8/2008