Saturday, August 23, 2008

Czech Airlines Celebrates 70 Years of Serving Budapest

This month, Czech Airlines is celebrating the seventy years since the start of its scheduled air service between Prague and Hungary?s capital, Budapest. The former Czechoslovak Airlines flew to the destination for the first time in August 1938. Presently, the Airline offers three daily flights between Prague and Budapest, deploying ATR 72 and Boeing 737 aircraft, and also its most modern Airbus A319 aircraft on the most sought-after flights.

The former Czechoslovak Airlines launched its service to Budapest in the year which, given the subsequent outbreak of World War II, brought an end to the promising growth of Czechoslovak civil aviation. In spite of that, the Czechoslovak Airlines network included a total of 24 segments in 1938, 12 of which were foreign.

The Czech Airlines service between Prague and Budapest was used by 97,000 passengers last year, which constitutes a seven percent year-on-year increase. Overall, Czech Airlines operated nearly 1,030 flights between Prague and Budapest in 2007.

Czech Airlines service between Prague and Budapest is used primarily by business passengers, both by Czech business people travelling to Hungary and by Hungarian business people travelling to the Czech Republic. Departure times are set such as to also suit people travelling on business from Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, and the USA, on their flights to Hungary, via a transfer in Prague.

During the summer flight schedule, i.e., from 30 March to 25 October, the Airline offers three daily flights to Budapest, leaving Prague at 7:15, 11:55, and 17:25. From Budapest, passengers can fly at 9:05, 14:45, and 19:15. In addition to these three connections, Czech.

Airlines passengers can make use of the morning flight in code-share cooperation with Mal?v, which takes off from Budapest at 8:20, as well as of the early evening flight at 17:35.

Source: CSA