Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strengthen the domestic market, AirAsia open a new route from Surabaya


The airlines company, Indonesia AirAsia continues to strengthen domestic routes. On February 14, 2012, Indonesia AirAsia will open a new domestic route flights, Surabaya – Bandung and Surabaya – Denpasar.

"In addition to our commitment to develop the domestic routes, the second launch of this route is also our responsibility to encourage tourism and the economy of the archipelago," said Dharmadi, the President Director of AirAsia Indonesia on Monday (12/12).

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. Capital city of East Java's economy is based on the industrial sector and services trade, as well as the home of creative industries in the number of sectors, including advertising, architecture, crafts, interactive entertainment, publishing and printing.

Meanwhile, Bandung, according Dharmadi, known as the "Emerging Creative City" that offers a diverse product distributions, soap opera production houses, and culinary. The young generation of Bandung which will be full of innovative ideas has pushed the creative industries in the city is growing very rapidly.

Similar to Bandung, Bali also has the attraction of creative industries is unusually large, but rather based on local culture. Besides being a favorite tourist destination in the world, the island is also famous for its performances of traditional performing arts and antiques.

"With the new route Surabaya - Bandung and Surabaya - Denpasar, then Bandung, Bali and Surabaya are connected directly. Domestic connectivity is expected to facilitate and enhance the creative market exchanges among the three cities, "said Dharmadi. Previously, AirAsia already opened Surabaya – Medan route in 2010 and Jakarta to Semarang route.

For information, in the year 2012, AirAsia plans to increase market share in Indonesia from 3% to 10% and the target number of passengers to 6.2 million people. To achieve that, AirAsia has ordered 21 Airbus A-320 until later in 2016. In addition, AirAsia also began aggressively to open domestic routes in Indonesia.

picture: google.com