Friday, April 20, 2012

AIR ASIA Indonesia fly-thru service, Bandung-China


Air Asia Indonesia held a fly-thru service, linking Bandung with major cities in China. Bandung - China interconnection service which was launched two weeks ago it easier for passengers to fly to China, because it uses only one ticket although have to transit via Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Air Asia Indonesia Communications Manager Audrey Progastama Petriny said Air Asia fly thru add service in order to connect the major cities in Indonesia to China every day.

"Air Asia fly-thru service connects Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, and Surabaya to several cities in China such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macao, and Hong Kong," said Audrey.

So far, Bandung residents who want to travel to China to go through Kuala Lumpur or Singapore first. Flights to China to do with connecting flights to Kuala Lumpur where consumers no longer need to take care of the new airline tickets. "One ticket for the two destinations," she said.

Passengers fly thru service users from Bandung to make a reservation or purchase tickets with a booking code and one ticket to two destinations at once. "Passengers can save the cost of visa application, because passengers can travel without a transit visa," she said.

"We will also process the baggage to the final destination. This means that passengers do not have to make the process of moving luggage from destination to destination early next," she explained.

According to Audrey, since Air Asia opened the Bandung-Kuala Lumpur route, the airline passenger growth shows quite positive. Air Asia recorded an average load factor above 80%. "If from Bandung to China, load factor its just of 5%," she said. This service is Bandung predominantly of going to China, rather than vice versa. "If from other cities could reach 10%," said Audrey.

Air Asia Indonesia will continue to boost the promotion of these services so tourists visiting Bandung-China China and vice versa is growing. She hoped that in the future Air Asia can serve other direct routes which connecting Indonesia with a number of countries in the world. Air Asia currently serves 150 routes, with 76 destinations that connect 22 countries.